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Coaching, support

Learning and support solutions

through training, workshop, and coaching.


Big Ice offers training and workshops on various themes to give

the possibility for everyone to create or develop a project / an activity / an enterprise with

a work methodology that guides you, step by step, according to your needs.


Project monitoring

for the Startlab.Brussels incubator regarding brand identity,

visual communication, communication strategy,  strategic and media developments.



Participation in the creation

of the training program 2019 - 2020/2020 - 2021

of the cooperative  Smart.


Training on the business model, the marketing plan, how to create and launch a project: the steps to be taken, DNA and identity of the project.



Trainer for the training

offered to NEETs target.

8-day training and support with the objective of professional or entrepreneurial creation by working on deep motivations, self-esteem, and the evolution of personal development within a specific environment.



Creation & communication program for the Graphic designer class. Introduction to marketing, communication techniques and creative strategy, journalistic writing, art history, semiology,  media, and digital tools.



Trainer for the Business plan workshops for the Distance Learning Center.

E-teacher of the Guide on entrepreneurial creation and launch.




Create and launch your project:

All the steps to plan!

This very comprehensive training is offered and taken from the drafting of the Guide on business creation written and published in 2019.

An overview of the topics covered: here!


One-term course with support, practical exercises and case study.  2-day training including a half-day workshop.


Management at the service of consistency and consistency:

What is management ?

How to deploy it throughout the project?

The importance of consistency in the creative process

Management follow-up during the activity launch

The tools to keep your goals in mind.


Half-day training + half-day workshop

2-day workshop with follow-up and support.


Strategy and

communication plan :

How to build and develop your brand image?

Communication strategy and positioning

Define your communication objectives

Plan your communication and resources

Understand creative strategies

Define your residual messages

Create your visual identity and its variations


2-day training including a half-day workshop

4-day workshop with support and follow-up.


Short courses or training in:

- Communication strategy

- Communication plan

- Creative strategy

- Visual identity and variations on "corporate" media

- Editorial design (creation and writing of content)

- The basics of program graphics:

Photoshop, illustrator, Indesign or

how to work on your identity with the right tools?

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