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The vision

Big Ice agency what
Big Ice Agency Who
Big Ice Agency Why
Big Ice Agency How

The communication and support agency that helps startups and young businesses to emerge.




For young entrepreneurs, experienced companies, startups, brands, or services that wish to create and/or launch, modify, develop, improve their activity in line with the current market for the sake of consistency, efficiency, and sustainability.




Big Ice is the reference for assistance in marketing, communication, branding, media that meets the needs of the entrepreneurial creation where each project does not have the chance to be evaluated or supported by lack access to information or training, time, human or financial resources. Where each project, even with follow-up, does not stand up in a market, in a sustainable manner due to lack of inconsistency and management problems. In other words,

Big Ice brings together all the qualities, the know-how, the approach, and the necessary skills to offer solutions to the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow at a lower cost.


  • Create, launch, and develop your activity (business, service, product)

  • Evaluate your development opportunities (marketing, communication, media)

  • Position or reposition your activity on the market

  • Find new clients or potential partners

  • Define an acquisition and retention strategy

  • Differentiate from the competition with an adapted communication strategy

  • Create or improve your brand image, visual and digital communication

  • Work on new communication territories

The missions.

Big Ice Agency steps

Added value
Entrepreneurship guide
or how to create and
launch a project
step by step

Visual identity
Graphic style guide
Web design
Copy writing
Editorial design
Community management

Project creation
Project monitoring
Press relations
HR optimization

Business development
Business plan
Brand image
Media developments
HR, recruitment

About BI.

About Big Ice Agency

Big Ice, enterprise creation and support agency was established in 2017 to

to support and promote entrepreneurial creation and launch.


Big Ice wishes to demonstrate that a small, medium, or large company must know how to make strategic choices appropriate to its activity, its positioning on the market links with an adapted marketing and communication strategy.

The idea is to focus the support around the notion of coherence,

supported by a work methodology and also oriented towards good management, which remains a central pillar of the success of an activity.

The efficiency and consistency of an activity

generates more visibility, more consistency, more customers.


Big Ice offers an approach geared towards building solid foundations

from the idea of the project to the development of its communication.

For a targeted need or a support package, Big Ice meets your expectations

by making the part submerged; a coherent, stable and well-built structure.

Thus, we help your business to develop in an efficient and sustainable way.



For projects of all sizes.
For all creation, support and training needs.
For all budgets: from targeted demand to personalized package.
For new entrepreneurs waiting for key advice.



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